When it’s time to begin a web development, I mean, begin coding and building your website architecture. Be smart, don’t start everything again !


Follow the trends & best practices


When it’s time to code, it’s better to follow the trends and include the most wanted features. For example, nowadays a website should be :

  •  HTML5 ready with good progressive enhancement and graceful degradation
  •  Ready to be browsed on any device (responsive design)
  •  Including the SEO elements in order to be Googlelized
  •  Implementing a favicon
  • Using  an efficient open folder architecture (stylesheets, js, media, …)


As you can see, just before begin coding there is already a lot to think.  And that is not yet related to the core business of your project !

After all, building a website is mainly piling up layered techniques and technologies. But it becomes problematic if you pile up something on a weak basement.

This problem has been thought and experienced before by many others. The result: Is a wealth of ready to use boilerplate kits and web start kits.


Web Start Kits

Here are a few of them depending on the use you might have of their features:





Want more ? Google it !