Lately I’ve been thinking about an animation using SVG files out of an Illustrator design I made over Spain.

The only option that was available to me was the “save as”. But the problem is that I had several layers and I wanted all of them to be exported as a single SVG.

Happily, I’m using Illustrator cc and the solution is within.

You have to download a free extension through the extension repository.

illustratorThe extension you want is called “layer Exporter”.

Just go to the windows menu>>Etensions>>Adobe exchange.

When the Adobe Exchange window appears, just make a search using SVG as the keyword.

The extension should appear in the search result.

Just download it. You will have to shut Illustrator down and launch it again for the installation to take effect.

Just remember to put your designs in separate layers and to name each layer as clear as possible. oh, and export using SVG 1.1 if it is for the Web.

Quick and easy !