In one of my projects I had to use a lot of icons in different way. Of course, I’ve could have used stuff like fontawsome, but I needed more icons they do not have.


I found my solution with They are offering CDN services and more. But the most interesting part of it is the APP.


The app enables you to upload your collection of svg files and turn it into a new webfont just like fontawsome is.

IcoMoon-App-Icon-Font-Generator-1024x533It also generates the css file that goes with it. Your font will be available using class having the name of the svg file.

To ease the process, you shall name your svg files as you want them to appear as a class.

Once you’ve uploaded all the files, just go to fonts and download the generated archive.

It’s as easy as pie. You will be able to come back with your definition file (that you can save on your system) or with your webfont and load it to make some changes.IcoMoon-App-Icon-Font-Generator-2 is one of the best useful designer app I have ever tried.


So go for it